Have You Tried New Gmail Interface | Design | Features ?

Hey friends, In this post we all talk about the new Gmail features and new Gmail interface on web and application, both. if you have not tried the Gmail’s new features and Gmail’s interface, So let me introduce the 2018 Gmail interface & features.

How to upgrade to Google’s new Gmail right now

1.  Go to the Gmail setting button.

2.  And Press “Try the new Gmail”

3.  Do again to revert it back to old Gmail interface.

New Gmail Interface includes Three New Gmail Features:

1.  Snooze email: Snooze feature that lets users put off email until they have time to respond.

2.  Open Attachments without opening email: It includes small navigational tweaks like the ability to open an            attachment without opening the email or to send RSVP to a meeting invite while hovering over a message.

3.  Confidential ModeIn this mode users put an expiration date on messages or revoke previously- sent  messages.

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