Top Tech Mobile Gadget Under 500 INR You Should Check Out

What to before now when is smartphones today from the likes of show me Samsung Asus and some other phone come with hybrid dual sim slots this sim slot features a slot for the SIM card and the others lot that can be used for either a sim or micro SD card but not both well if you like to use two sim cards as well as a Micro SD card on this phone is adaptor will be a lifesaver for you-you can just play the hybrid dual sim slot adaptor to the sim to micro SD slot and then use your other Sim card at the other slot in the adaptor that shit you should now see the SD card as well as the dual sim Active on your phone it simple but very very handy

Higadgettm Multi USB Cable Charger Connector

if you like me and each other between multiple devices every day you might have to juggle between multiple tables 2 and I know it can be very annoying this is where the multi USB cable connector comes in the USB cable lets we use micro USB lightning port and type C devices via one USB port plus it supports fast charging too so now you can take just one cable with you and charge multiple devices with his

BOAt BassHeads 225 In-Ear Super Extra Bass Headphones

there so many headphones available at around rupees 500 but the speedboat Bass heads in-ear headphones is a complete the best out of the lord at least at this price the headphones are very comfortable and features 10 mm drivers for Sony clarity and bass treble stereo sound the pieces into predicate plus IT features Tangle-free cable which is something you don’t see much in this price range headphones also have noise cancellation and am I so what’s not life and plus it does look a lot like birds your phone which isn’t a bad thing

SteelSeries 62281 The Sims 4 Gaming Mouse

the SteelSeries Gaming Mouse is a steal at this price no pun intended it’s a highly customisable Mouse which offers 6 buttons that you can set custom actions for along with custom buttons the most features a cool like that pulsates around the mouse wheel and The Sims button you can even customise the lighting with steel series software the house of hours to milliseconds response time which means that shouldn’t be any lag it you can adjust DPI settings and create macros well the point is the mouse offers everything you expect from a Gaming Mouse

Sukkot Flexible Octopus Gorilla Pod Tripod + Mobile Holder Clip

if you’re looking for a tripod that is very very affordable then you should consider this Gorilla tripod which also comes with the mobile holder tripod has flexible legs so that you can use the tripod in various positions you can wrap it around object anyone place it on uneven surfaces and through the Stable Street video burning YouTubers this is for you

Intex IT-PB-4K 4000 mAh Power Bank

Intex 4000 MH power bank which is an amazing portable charger at around 500 rupees Firstly it looks really good and is very very possible you can easily carry it around in your pocket h Aaj most devices fully in ago the power bank has a charge indicator and also features a torch buy it does not support fast charging or does not even feature multiple USB ports but it still a great power bank to buy at this price plus if you want to search multiple devices with this Power Bank you can use the multi USB connector we should see the power punches corporation

GoFree Digital Accessories Organizer Pouch

if you like us at being born you have a ton of gadgets with you and this is where you will find the organiser pouch very very useful Firstly the purchase of great quality and it is 6 inside pockets 12 elastic whole day bags and is a furnished apartment that lets you keep various cables pressurized cards adaptors charges dolls and whatnot all of that in a neatly organised manner if you love organising the cross you will feel amazing with this sport

Syska 3 Way Extension Board with USB

laptops mobile devices smart watches portable speakers etc we have a lot of devices to charge and very few sockets well this is where extension boards come in handy as you might have noticed already the Syska extension board not only princess 3 sockets but also features two USB ports so if you don’t have to charge adaptor of a particular device you can charge them directly via USB cable other than that the Syska extension looks premium and study online money extension board that there are those were some cool things that you could get a lesson for

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