Top Most Popular Video Editing Application

The Quick is better alternative that is so easy to operate and quick is a video editor for GoPro the popular company that makes action cameras and the app is also quite similar to Magisto you select a block videos from Smartphone and then apply filters to it but Unlike the former one quick is completely free as in there is no watermark in-app purchases you can also safe High-resolution video in full HD and yeah this is the only that have seen which has some of the modern text transaction which often used in mad early YouTube videos so all you tubers out definitely check this out

Best Basic Video Editing Apps with decent features

In this category rotator sound and the applications that have tested there are only two apps that do the basic editing job without using any watermark the first one is FilmoraGo so like the previous are you add media from your phone next you can edit them in single timeline would like changing the position of media you will also at themes background music text overlay and change the playback speed extra all the basic stuff and compare to other video editor in this category this one is most into it up everything comes naturally and once you are done you can save the video locally for you can also share it out social media so the only problem with this application is there is a FilmoraGo branding at the end of this video so if you want to remove that you will have to pay onetime fee or if you want you can go with the Adobe Premiere clip so as the name suggests this application is brought to you by the company that dominates see desktop graphics editing environment but spider big name this application is pretty barebone the most you can do is join two clips and at soundtrack in the background there are also some options to add filter and Nifty customization overall this app is only good if you want to join two videos with little control over the sound and filters personally I have very big expectation from Adobe but this is what you get here though thankfully this application is completely free all you have to do is create a free Adobe account and you can use it so that’s a relief

Best Fully fledged Video Editing Apps

The other and add a separate voice over you can also add text animations and filter just like you do on the desktop version but in my opinion please adjust two crappy phone 2016 seriously power director needs to up there again in this area and once you are done you can see the videos locally in high definition though if you would like to remove the watermark and get up Police Di support then you will have to pay onetime fee of $5 which in my opinion to clean make sense given how powerful this application is now if you need even more features then go with the kind master it takes a video editing app on smartphone to mentally next level you can add multiple layers of videos text and transition hack you can even added videos frame by frame compared to power director kind master this more into it if I have some little extra feature but this comes with ST price of $5 monthly subscription of $40 really know if I have to choose between power director and kind master I will always go with the former one because there is only small onetime fee and the feature that it offers is sufficient for mobile platform.

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