Top 6 AI Bots That Will Make Your Life Easier


if someone who looks a lot of movie tickets hotels accept the new keyboard is for you the boat available as an Android app as well as Facebook messenger but does a lot of things for you to book movie tickets cabs hotels and more so I can just type I want to book a bus on 29th October then the bottle ask it different questions and once done it will recommend you buses and it in view seeds and book a ticket it works very well the party will let you pay your phone bills book movie tickets to check out deals schedule a laundry and do a lot more yes then it is pretty cool plus the cute name subtly help shopping can you pretty tough time, not for everyone but you get my point makes things a lot simpler the chatbot available on Android led to shopping for almost everything out clothes groceries medicines

Look up

I found at the bot was surprisingly well honestly I did not think a chatbot would handle shopping so well as it has additional offerings to like you can look up a mechanic in case of a flat tire book table at restaurants and even order food there is a lot more I can do with the look UP board and I’m sure you’ll find it impressive 12 trial I always tend to forget the task at hand and while using various to do abs can fix this a chatbot light LED screens that personal touch that’s missing in those I will certainly help have risen tasks and you to make sure she likes to know about the important task at hand she even read your daily report on it

Letz Lucy

ask to boost your confidence apart from the usual task you see breaking news and weather when you actually free now you must be wondering it all sounds pretty familiar while the major difference here is the sense of humor at she brings when you should certainly check out Lucy

Astro email

The official Gmail app is great and the various email at out there which is pretty good to Run as you need to try out after he has to email app is pretty capable but most of its capabilities comes thanks to the Astro robot with asked about you can send email but most importantly you can say things which are a cooler term for get rid of you cancel subscriptions old Emails and contacts out loud and respond to them


why I was just me you should try many people contacts from home to help and advice on chat if you don’t have a doctor friend because your MD chatbot is pretty close to what you call a doctor friend you can chat with the boat tilt your Symptoms and the boat will come up with medical conditions that make a sentence even let you know of the action is plus you can speak to a real doctor not a chatbot from inside the other than that of his games and quizzes related to medicine so that you can learn more about health one I’m sure they could have done much better job with the name they’re doing something very helpful some not complain

Andy English

if you’re looking to get perfect comes to English and English what is one that what you need to try another language apps you can Converse in English with Andy to ultimately perfect along with conversations and even improve your vocabulary is make sure you understand differences between various grammar rules I am bringing the progress made over time and he is one hell of a body is decent if you want to learn more languages other than English you can check out the Andy English will bring that let you know numerous languages unlimited to the iOS app only smart too well just don’t expect much it is quite fun

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