Top 20 Best Android Apps 2019

1. Snapseed

Snapseed  out of all the photo editing apps Snapdeal has been my favourite with regular updates this app has given become better not only the basics we also get all the pro tools that are required to edit the pictures like HD are healing white balance lens blur and many many more a dictionary you do get various effects and filters for fancy editing this app even supports raw images which is great for professionals patch with all this week even get a really into it is UI with the recent update we can add fancy text to our images of the news to make thumbnails for my videos in a nutshell it’s a perfect photo editing app while talking about photo editor

2. Kinemaster

video editing my choice of video editor is kind master probably the best app for editing videos right on your phone you get a desktop class editor meaning all the tools and features you need trimming adding audio transition effect frame speed and duration et cetera originally you can apply themes and sisters as well once that’s done you can export the video

3. Brave browser

brave browser the reason why this is on the list is it an ad-free browser meaning you don’t have to deal with annoying pop-ups you don’t have to install any other extension or worry about in subscriptions as well it’s a really fast browser and comes in very handy while on data plan for roaming also it uses your Google account for all the bookmarks history and other sim settings

4. Opera VPN

the browser you might need VPN for waiter stuff and my choice is Opera VPN the best thing is it’s free and easy to use I personally used to access to restricted content whether it’s a YouTube video apps or website

5. Swiftly switch

Free Flow switch this app brings a shortcut for all your recent apps favorite apps access contacts and other shortcuts I personally used for multitasking app switching and accessing the notification was using the different application you can customise this age as per your preference and also add another as to your home screen for add functionality

6. All-in-one toolbox

all in one toolbox as the name implies it has all the tools to manage your memory hear your junk files cash put your CPU and more originally you do get other tools like backup and restore File Manager app to SD that is moving apps to SD card at cetera this app also comes with a bunch of different widgets to perform different tasks with a single tap

7. Clipboard actions

clipboard actions with this app all the items that you copy saved at a single place plus you get various tools for all the copied items this app comes in really handy while reading articles what I do if I copy all the important stuff and then access it later one cool feature is it auto-detect the phone numbers dates and recommends actions accordingly

8. Gboard

G board if you are on stock Android you have this by default it’s a keyboard app from Google it’s really easy to use Google search right from your keyboard especially while you are in a conversation or writing a long document additionally you can customise your keyboard with different themes or images you don’t have all the emojis and just as well all in all an awesome keyboard with both features

 9. Texpand

This app called text and what this app does is you can add shortcuts for your phrases for example if I type o m w it says on my way similarly GTG forgot to go TTY l for talk to you later and Salon you can give your own shortcuts and phrases which will definitely at convenience while texting

10. Wallpaper craft

We have two different apps for the wallpapers the first one is wallpaper craft this app automatically detect the resolution of a device and drinks and amazing collection of wallpapers accordingly

11. Backdrops

and the second is backdrops for variations I come back to this app for amazing wallpapers it’s got some really hydrate wallpapers along with wallpaper of the day recommendation

12. FlySo

its fly so this app is perfect for all the social head out there as it brings the different social app to one place you have 3 Facebook Instagram and Twitter so if you are tired of switching between the app you can go with this one

13. Parallel space

parallel space this app is best for using multiple accounts on WhatsApp Messenger Viber and so on this app has been a great help when I use different numbers on WhatsApp on Viber especially while travelling or maybe you can use multiple accounts to play games also you can try apps in incognito mode this will install the app within this app itself and not show up in the Apple which is great for trying out new ad for the more you can also set a password and use your fingerprint to lock this app

14. MacroDroid

if you need some kind of automation on your device you can use this app you can set your phone to switch off the Wi-Fi when the battery is below a certain percentage play music when you plug in the earphones and many many more this apple literally have automation for almost every task on your phone you can also download additional automating templates if you are bored of creating one and submit your macros online as well

15. Hexlock

next time is hex lock this app is perfect for locking apps and the best part is it supports fingerprint also you can create profiles to lock the apps say I’m on my home profile and my social apps are locked I switch to work now none of them are locked so it’s definitely very handy and you also get a private media vault to story of private photos and videos

16. Fingerprint gestures

fingerprint gesture as the name implies we can perform various accents with the fingerprint sensor like accessing recent apps notification panel media play pause and many many more some of the actions may require root access I use this app to control my Media Player or check my notifications you also can set different profiles and set it to access only with registered fingerprints

17. Navbar

This is another cool app that helps you to customise navigation bar you can set it to change the color according to the app that you are using or other static color battery percentage images at cetera I’m still waiting for the music widget

18. Captune

This is the official app from Sennheiser being an audio file it’s amongst my favourite music player basically this app is all about equalizers and if you’re using Sennheiser earphones you can select it from here for better results like I mentioned you can set the Equaliser according to your preference which is my favourite feature of this app you can also perform a sound check before saving your settings

19. Scanbot

its can bought this is one of the best apps to scan a document from your phone it almost works like a real-life scanner and comes with some great tools as well simply. Your phone to the document you want to scan and it automatically detects the documents type page size and the text on it the coolest feature is you can also copy the recognized text from the document which works pretty accurate its can properly

20. Nova launcher

Lastly I will be talking about my favourite launcher no matter what I always keep getting back to the Nova Launcher its past and Snappy as you all know that it has got insane level of customisation from grid size icon packs multiple dogs and whatnot the recent update has added the long press functionality as well which I am loving and personally I use the landscape mode while casting my phone to my TV this launcher is a complete package of features functionality and customisation

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