Top 10 iPhone Settings That You Should Change

Siri prefers using as its default search engine so anytime you are Siri to search for something it will show result something even though being is decent enough most of us of Farmer a custom to using Google to make CD use Google to search information all you have to do is at Google before the command something like hey Siri Google iPhone tricks Siri will tell you that it is searching Google for the keywords mention and will display search results from Google instead of being Windows where’s my phone settings that you should change right away

1. Make your Locked iPhone More Secure

iPhone lock screen can let your completion lot of task without unlocking iPhone and buy that is handy it does for the security threats is anyone can reply to your messages interact with Siri and even access your Apple pay wallet from the lock screen if that doesn’t scare you it should fortunately you can make a lock screen more secure by changing the following settings go to touch id and password in settings under the allow access when locked category choose the things you don’t want to be accessible from the lock still I would recommend turning off Siri turning off reply with message and turning off wallet obviously you should pick and choose the settings according to your own prefer

2. Make your iPhone Speaker Louder

No matter how much Apple improved its flagship device somehow the speaker quality tends to remain supper at least when compared to the competition but I did have an Equaliser anything give the speaker of volume boost when he won’t go to EQ inside music settings choose the late night preset to get a decent Volume Booster new iPhone speaker try it out the next time you find yourself at and I’m from 2 house party and Amaze your friends

3. Switch Image Formats to Save Storage Space

Your iPhone will then in court videos in The Heirs talk to 65 standard which results in similar or even better quality in a much smaller file size images taken with this setting result in a format called at If however you I phone will automatically export JPEG when you try to share the image within on ATI of compatible device so it will be

4. Hide Notification Contents on Lock Screen

regardless of the usability of feature like this having all your notification content visible on the lock screen is honestly kind of silly not just that it’s also privacy that anyone can read your personal messages without ever having to unlock your iPhone inside settings go to notifications in soap reviews you can choose between always when unlocked and never too late when unlocked and you are all set never is also a perfectly fine option to go with but it may be seen as being a little paranoid to that your own risk

5. Don’t Get Distracted while Driving

Another iOS 11 specific feature do not disturb while driving is extremely useful and one you should definitely be using if you drive off to go to do not disturb inside the settings app under the do not disturb while driving section tap on activate if your car has Bluetooth you should definitely select the when connected to car Bluetooth option if not you can choose automatically and the iPhone will automatically turn on do not disturb mode when did the text that your driver distracted driving is never said and this feature will make sure that you drive safely at all times

6. Secure Your SIM with a SIM PIN

Having your phone stolen is never fun feeling however it can be made worse if someone then start using is same in a different phone they can easily impersonate you get access to almost every account you have online and basically destroy your life you can prevent this by simply using a simple in phone settings go to SIM pin enable sim pin and setup up in this ensures that whenever your SIM is inserted into different phone or even when your phone is restarted it will ask for the simple obviously you should forget your own sim pin either to memorize it as best you can

7. Offload Apps to Reclaim Storage Space

iOS 11 brought the ability to upload app for my iPhone this results in the app getting uninstalled but all the documents and a specific information will remain saved on your phone uploading apps can help you get storage space back from app that you don’t use of to and when you do need them again you can simply install them back and they will work as if they were always

8. Get a Dark Mode on iPhone

In settings go to general and then to iPhone storage app on the app you want to upload and tap on offload up your iPhone helps in making these decisions For You by showing the last time user-specific app so you can read out apps that you download it really ever used iPhone users have been asking for a dark mode since what feels like eternity Annapolis finally delivered the future will almost Go to general head over to access ability and then display accommodation. Invert colors and enable smart and good I use 11 in words colors in such a way that images and app icons are not affected by the current version that the entire UI system-wide is converted to a dark him I think this is us close to a dark mode as Apple will never let us get

9. Rest Finger to Open

Since iOS 10 iPhone required the user to actually press the home button to unlock the device and go to the home screen if you prefer the old way of simply catching the home button to unlock and get to the home screen all you need to do is go to settings and then general her head over to accessibility Apple home button and enable rest finger to open now with waste way he’ll be able to open the iPhone by simply touching the home button making the process for more streamlined

10. Change AirDrop Settings to Avoid Spam AirDrop on iOS has a big problem since it is said to everyone by default anyone with an IOS device on map in send images to you the iPhone still displays from to accept or decline the image but it can get weed in public places where people can send beard images and spam you with them you can simply swipe up to open the control centre in tap on AirDrop delete contacts only so on your contacts will be able to discover your phone on AirDrop and send files on images to you

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