7 Tips to Ensure Safety at the Workplace

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All business owners should provide a good and safe working environment for their workers in the office area. It is imperative to provide a neat and clean space for their workers.

Business owners are usually concerned about various hazards at the workplace but they mostly ignore staircase safety. While maintaining safety and cleanliness in the office area, staircase safety also plays a crucial role as suggested by the electrician Northern Beaches.

Whether you have only one or two steps at the entrance or backside of office premises or a flight of stairs that employees need to walk up or down periodically, you should keep your stair up to date and ensure safety for employees at staircases. 

Install good lighting system to reduce major falls. In case, the lighting system over the stairs is not working properly then call professionals to fix the problem immediately. In addition to this, also instruct your employees to be careful while using stairs.

According to the survey, it has been recorded that doorways, ramps, cluttered hallways, areas with heavy traffic, uneven surfaces, areas, ladders, and stairs are the main causes behind major accidents.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various practices to keep your workplace safe and free of hazards:

1. Staircases Should Be In Proper Shape

First of all, ensure that all staircases are in proper shape because damaged steps can lead to trip-and-fall accidents. Instruct your office-boy to inspect all the staircases regularly and ensure that all the steps are undamaged.

In case, your steps are made up of wood then ensure that material is not cracked or splintered. If any worker in the office finds any problem in the stairways them immediately inform to the management and immediate action should be taken by them.

2. Fix Good Lighting System

To ensure stairways safety, proper lighting is important. It is imperative to illuminate every eight to ten feet. Therefore, all commercial or office space should install a good lighting fixture or a luminaire at the top of the staircases.

The lights should be fixed in such a way that they illuminate eight to ten-foot space throughout. You can call the qualified professional such as electrician Northern Beaches Sydney to fix the lights on your ceilings or staircases

3. Paint Them With Yellow Color 

Yellow or any other contrasting color on stairways raise the awareness and help them to get more aware of where the edges are. It will increase visibility and reduce the number of fall accidents.

4. Maintain Equal Step Size And Depth

It is a fact that nobody will look down every time when he takes a step while going through the stairs. People assume that all stairs are going to be the same size and proportion.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that all stairs should have the same size and depth at office premises to reduce the risk of falls. 

5. Regularly Examine The Handrails

Handrailing can make your staircases safer and reduces the risk of major falls.  Handrailing is required at the staircases, open-sided floors, floor openings, wall openings, platforms, and runways. While installing the handrails please ensure the following things:

These must be able to withstand a force of at least 200 pounds at any point.

These must be 30 inches high, but do not exceed the limit of 34 inches from the upper surface to the surface of the tread.

It must be in round shape so that employees or customers can easily grab them.

6. All The Steps Should Be Flat And Levelled

All the steps along with landings should be leveled and free from clutter. To make sure that all the stairs are properly leveled, turn on the lights around the stairs and inspect it properly.

In case lighting around the stairways is not working properly then call qualified electricians like Northern Beaches electrician and resolve the problem. The landing should be clear and properly illuminated. 

7. Clear Snow and Ice immediately

Whether your stairs are for employees only or they welcome the public, it’s important that they be clear of snow and ice at all times when the business is open or when employees are on the premises.

Therefore, proper lighting is critical to ensure stairway safety during the winter. Make sure all the lighting fixture over the staircases are working properly and in case of any failure call emergency electrician Northern Beaches to fix it.

If it’s possible to install an awning over the stores, that will go a long way towards keeping them clear. If not, be sure to have a plan for ongoing de-icing and snow removal.

Mats at the top and bottom of the stairs can help so that people can wipe their feet before using the steps, and be sure that your mats do not create a tripping hazard; even if you have an awning or are clearing ice and snow, some will still be tracked onto the steps from people’s shoes on a snowy day.

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