Six Top App You Must Have In Your Smart Phone

However not all top apps are created equal and there are only a few that I personally swear by on a day to day uses exactly what we’re going to talk about today


I take a lot of photos on a smartphone I may not be good at it but I do with Snapseed I can read as my photos like a pro without having to go to the trouble of using top apps that way to advance for me Snapseed itself or was quite a lot of control over editing photos so I can get a short looking just I wanted to plug a time in a hurry I can pick one of the many pieces filters that the top app comes with and it’s good to go for example this is a picture I took with my one plus 5 and this is what Snapseed and I were able to create.


I like it when my phone can do things on its own without me having to mess around with it ask her as created some simple profiles for my only my phone automatically turns off WiFi when it connects to my car’s Bluetooth launches map and Apple music in split screen and please my driving playlist Tosca also automatically bring and volume down when I’m at work and brings it darker ones and home it also Toggle WiFi accordingly I love it.

Direct Chat Pro

Another really useful top app it is for me is direct chat Pro with this app I can get chat heads for any messaging top app. I have chat heads enabled for WhatsApp and even for Aloe no I didn’t directly read and reply to messages without having to open the top app plus it’s also a good way to read messages without sending read receipts I would do any will not here.

Simple for Facebook 

I really dislike the Facebook top app I also really hate the fact that I need to separate is on Facebook and another for messenger somehow that just is broken that’s a symbol for FB Council IT let me browse Facebook easily and quickly and even integrates messages into the active plus it honestly she is faster than the official Facebook top app it’s amazing lastly this one more at the use very very frequently and that’s a very own be warmer I get all the tech news that matters in a crisp and easy to read former plus I get notifications on all the breaking news on the Tech board if you need to take news I believe you should install the river map you love it will these are the hours that I used to live in the uses on iPhone


Anyone who has ever been on a trip out with the roommate will agree that sleeping pills is a headache exactly why I use splits instead of a regular note-taking app create groups with people so that I can share expenses with them I have one with Kapil so we can manage the expenses of a flat pattern as you can see I am Woodson 3000 bugs  which anytime I make a payment that should be shared between us I just quickly added to the splits the top app automatically does the calculations and let’s both of us know if we won

Carrot Weather

the other it says he says that now I do realise that my iPhone has a brother Appleton what is paid for carrot for that because it’s so much better than not only displays the current weather in my location its vices it up with witty remarks and funny description I mean just look at this last year mode in carrot weather which is simply amazing as it shows the weather in March for simply just for Laughs I can even Tab on the ocular sensor which is the eyeball things here and it comes with the funniest things to say this top app has really made me love checking the weather on my phone

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