Top Seven Application Making Our Phone Cool

Nova Launcher

I really like the functionality of justice which means I can slide down from the centre of the home screen is the Notification Shade double tap lock the phone and do a lot moreNova Launcher out the new Android features on mine on Nexus pixel 4 really like the Nova Launcher let’s face it

Microsoft SMS Organizer

The SMS inbox on a phone is one big man well I use Microsoft SMS organiser app will to the important from North important they have declared as things and separates messages into folders and when I receive an OTP we have shows it in a big clean notification with a copy but this is something really useful also like how the app automatically formats and categorises movie tickets bills I don’t need little window plus I can send free SMS set reminders anyone schedule SMS 


I’m a person who easily gets distracted and keeps me focused on the task at hand I use the tiger which works on the Pomodoro technique which means I can focus on my task for a specific period of time 25 minutes while taking breaks of five minutes plus I can listen to different nature sounds like Ocean rainforest meditation effects basically anything I also like how they have Greece me based on different times in the day


I can customise almost everything which is always nice love I really like setting up different wallpapers and well I use Google wallpaper app for that I like the wallpapers an offer here but my favourite part and landscapes plus I’ve been able the daily wallpaper options we did with the new wallpaper every other day Vanessa bring the daily wallpaper feature but you aren’t as simple as a lot of you have been asking us about the wallpapers we use unavailable for that we use the WhatsApp which is simple but bring some gorgeous wallpapers


talking about video streaming apps not depend on the shows on movies anyone wants to watch but I use Netflix everyday to stream shows and movies I like how I can start watching on my laptop and then seamlessly move to the mobile and continue after I also use hot star because well cricket matches live in the uses Amazon Prime video which he believes is awesome as you do not only get access to various shows and movies but you also get great Deals And fast delivery on Amazon, however, I use Netflix because it shows like House of Cards as well as various Marvel shows which are something I am really addicted

TV time

TV time is a sponsor for this video’s it get into some details about it then she’ll be with TV time I no longer have to manually keep a track of the timings for my favourite TV shows normal Brown for when the next episode of Silicon Valley years TV time does all that for me I can simply select the shows I like to watch like Silicon Valley Game of Thrones actress and the app tells me about any upcoming episodes it also text episodes have watched and tell me if there are more episodes and where I can watch them plus with the community reactions I can interact with the widest community surrounding my favourite shows and discuss the episodes are washed and read about the ones that I haven’t if you watch TV shows as much as I do we show to check it out


I’ve never been much for leading news on my phone but honestly my interest lies more in reading fully flashed articles and there is no better app for that and medium on the set it off the app shows me articles trailer to my personal preference from or Thursday like and Entrepreneurship follow plus if the inspiration strikes medium also let me write articles of my own it I can then share with the world

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