Assaulted by Negative SEO? Lost Rankings?

negative seo

Get to know about negative SEO, while you are opting for the peak of popularity for your business. This very thing is a huge deal breaker when you are getting something good from Google. To recognize the signs, you can always check out these points.

If you are seeing some sudden drop in your Local SEO ranking, then among so many other reasons the main one you might find the impact of negative SEO. This very thing is rare, but, it’s not impossible to do.

As you are conducting a business, you must have rivals, and they are constantly trying to outrank you. So, when the competition is too tough then nothing is unfair in this scenario. So, there will be situations that you have to face like losing your ranks and credibility in severe case. You might also get hacked by some intruders, and lose your important data. So, before you get into such trouble here are some points you must understand.

1. Negative off-page SEO

If you are acquiring links from a farm and you think they are the best, it’s not the case always. You have put your money for better links and you got some good ones and it can happen that you got some irrelevant ones from them as well. To prevent this, you have to monitor the growth of the link profile. If you see an unusual spike in the graphs, then you must know the scenario. 

2. Copying your contents

If your content is copied by your competitor, you might get penalized by Google. This thing happens with the new articles, as it’s copied and posted within some minutes. If this thing happens, you must ask Google webmaster to remove the copied content or, you can report it to the Google infringement report. 

3. Negative on-page SEO

You might see that so many contents are copied tactfully, which means the article is modified a bit and then it’s been posted on the search engines. This will not be an issue for small businesses, but if your content has some good links, it might be a problem for sure. This thing can be a chance to outrank your position in the search engines. 

To get rid of this thing, you have to go for a regular site audit, and if you do this, you will get to spot the changes in your posted contents. 

4. Getting re-indexed

If you see a small change in the robot.txt, it can have a great impact on your SEO services. Google might put the disallow rule on your site and then entirely ignore the website. For this, you have to daily check the ranking. 

5. Hacking issue

If in any case, your site gets hacked, you might get de-ranked in Google. This very thing happens with so many websites and the companies have to suffer a lot for this. Hacking means, your information has been breached by an unauthorized person. So, when this blunder takes place, your site’s privacy becomes public. 

For this, you have to check the website security, and this should be your priority. If you are not satisfied with the same, then get new security. 

Check out these above-mentioned points and you will understand better about negative SEO and will get how to prevent the same. 

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