Life Insurance & Health Insurance Policies In India

health insurance policy

Best Life Insurance & Health Insurance Policies In India : You need to know.


The life insurance policy covers the policy-holder up to the age specified in the contract. Should be a policy holder die before the terms is over, a beneficia ry will receive a death benefit. Term life insurance policy may be renewed for a premium at the end of a given term if the policy holder’s life should exceed the term

It gives a best facility or perquisite for any employee which provides them with varieties of supplemental insurance coverages. It turns out to a good offers to take extra or additional protection for their family. The policy can be available to cover the major expenses and will mitigate to preserve your regular life insurance policy. This type of policy is aims for only specific expenses. If the employee takes the life insurance policy, then he becomes eligible to receive more coverage. There is also be a designated limit to the extent of the additional cove rage. This limit varies from one policy to another.

Life Insurance can turned out to helpful for your loved ones. It’s basically a financial security for your family and loved ones who are dependent you. The loss of your demise could not be fill up, but these monetary terms will help them to survive in their lives. These insurance plans are unit-linked plans can be taken for insurance as well as the for investment purpose. You can choose the distribution of the amount in the financial markets The policy even allow you to raise a loans on their basis. The tax deduction of premium paid is offered by the policy and even tax-free sum is assured under the section 80 and 10 (10) D of the Income Tax respectively. You can get an ample of option like death benefits under the plan, finance for child education, and regular income under the pension plan and investment under unit- linked plans etc.

Health Insurance

Health plan is one of the best way to protect yourself and your family from rising medical costs. Buying health plans provide risk coverage against expenditures caused by any unforeseen medical emergencies or serious injury. In recent times of high medical inflation rates, failing to hold adequate amount of health insurance cover can proved to be a major personal finance disaster. This could lead to either poor health care or because of non-affordability or spiral an individual into financial distress due to high medical bills. Best health insurance plans  can cover medical costs during hospitalization as well as pre and post stages of hospitalization.

Indemnity health insurance – health insurance plans cover your hospitalization cost. The health plan reimburse your hospitalization costs up to the sum insured amount you choose when you take the policy. In case you have a hospitalization bill of Rs 2.5 lakh and your sum insured is Rs 4 lakh. The insurance company will pay you Rs. 1.5 lakh. The rest will remain for your future claims. If you are admitted to a hospital that is part of the insurer’s network,that you will have to pay nothing out of your pocket. You can enjoy cashless hospitalization.

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