5 Unique Ways To Use Your Smartphone

Fake Call app

phones are the best possible way to avoid and offered meeting with someone at a party or a function at what would you do if you’re already stuck in an awkward situation I’m sure you must have fake getting a call on your phone to get out of awkward situations to tell you the truth I have even played the ringtone on my phone to get out of such situation you can make the whole process even more seamless with a fake call app the fake call app lets you said the calling interface to match your phone it leads to set in number and the name from which you want to receive the fake call and that’s all lol you can even at a fake voice in case people don’t trust you also when you can I call you can accept it and it was identical to the way your usual call score the app even let you set fake SMS and Scheduled take calls well getting out of awkward situations with your phone

Decision Crafting

if you are a synthesizer was me you cannot take decision even with the help of your family friends related everyone that what you can definitely Count on your smartphone you can use decision crafting have to take decisions way better that collects information on your options and criteria that categorise them to bring the best voice for you let’s take an example I have been confused between buying the one plus 5 and the honour 8 Pro so I can compare one plus 5 and Honour 8 Pro as options then I can at various criteria like this place Storage battery performance Android Experience now I can set relevance from Bally to be to build strong auto Extreme for instance the Android experience and the performance are important factors to me so I can set them too strong now you need to write various criteria one stand the Apple show you the best option I could the one plus 5 because I like oxygen West Moore overall we should definitely try out the decision crafting app to simplify your decision process

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

if you are someone who is health conscious in your Health and fitness is not an easy task to start is to keep a check on all your calories that you instead and as you might have guessed you can use your phone to keep track of the calories you intake and no you don’t have to go through the boiling process of typing in details manually you can use calorie counter apps like the calorie counter from my fitness pal which lets you scan barcodes of a package tour to lock whose HCF foods different details like calories carbs fat protein at Sector it was really well trust me you can just scan the barcode and it gets you all the details in HSC so you can lose weight tone up a little get healthy to change your habits and start a new that you can even eat foods manually and it has a database of 6 + million foods which also includes Indian dishes so no matter where you are your food will always be available to add


if you just hit solving math problems your smartphone can be your new best friend no kidding you can use your phone’s camera too. Is a math problem and get solutions instantly you heard that right you can do so through the very impressive for the matter fetch the printed questions and even teachers handwriting recognition + UK step by step detailed instructions for every math problems in case you have to write it over for your homework in my uses the app was very very well when it comes to equations word problems and most handwritten math problems

Offline Survival Manual

what would you do if your standard in an island with your phone out with no data connection or WiFi signal well I would have certainly survived because I watched every episode of Bear Grylls Man vs Wild but I am not sure about you anyways don’t worry there is an app that will be a lifesaver for you the offline survival manual as the name suggests features everything you need to survive in the world it has guides on how to make a fire will the shelter find food and he’ll in case of an emergency for instance when it comes to making a fire that tells you basic principles that site selection how to prepare for the fire the material you will need and how exactly you can go ahead but there is a lot of information in the earth and it’s a great solution if you want to acquire a few skills to live in the world well with this app you can show go into the Wild just make sure you have multiple Power Banks with you

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